Get Paid Faster With Credit Card and Bank Transfers

We've partnered with Stripe to make this simple.

Studies show that businesses get paid faster when they accept credit cards and ACH bank transfers. Our partnership with Stripe allows us to offer this service to you and your clients, speeding money to your bank account so you can keep projects flowing and vendors paid.


With our Stripe Integration you can:

  • Send payment links with Proposals and Invoices
  • Accept credit card payments from clients
  • Accept ACH or bank transfer payments from clients
  • Pass through processing fees to your clients* 
  • Enjoy automatic fee recording in DM’s accounting


Launching Soon...

    • Accepting digital retainers
    • Easy fee reconciliation for end of month bookkeeping procedures for Stripe Payouts


*we recommend checking with your CPA for guidance on the rules in your geographical area


Frequently Asked Questions

To sign up for a Stripe account, you’ll need an email address, password, your business website, tax information, type of business entity, etc. Common follow-up requirements include photo identification documents and address verification.

In most applications, the account approval process is nearly instantaneous and you will be able to accept payments right away. If Stripe needs more information about your business or expects a longer delay in approving your account, they will reach out to you immediately.

Watch our 1 minute tutorial on how to get started.

You will typically receive your first payout 7 days after the first successful payment is received.

For the 2nd payout and onward, your standard payout timing depends on your sign-up country. (e.g., businesses in the US are paid out on a 2-day rolling basis)


Click Here for a Stripe + DM Getting Started Guide